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3 Secrets every HVAC Company should be using for their Google Ads

Joshua Canali . January 30 2022

Product Overview

Google ads is a powerful tool to generate leads for any service business, especially HVAC. When the heat goes off in the middle of the night the first thing people do is google a service near them. What are you doing to position yourself as the first business they see on their phones? These 3 tips are what can separate a good and a great google ads campaign.

Landing Pages

When your potential customers are clicking on the ads you set up, where are they going? Are they heading straight to your website's homepage, or are they being directed to a conversion focused offer page ready to sell for the service they are searching for?

The importance of a Landing page in your ad campaign is unmatched, being able to get your best offer for what is being searched right in front of who is searching for it is the best way to turn a cold lead into a closed sale. We are able to personalize a page to each different group of ads made (i.e Page for furnace quote, A/C quote, furnace repair, A/C repair etc) for each service your company has to offer. Being able to present your offer and show immediate contact through phone or email is the quickest way to drive warm leads.

Keyword Selection

Keyword Selection is extremely important to a successful campaign, you can have the best copy,media and offer available but if your ad is not targeted to what customers are searching for, they won't convert. Keyword selection is an important part of your ad setup, its what allows you to plug in real examples of what potential customers might search to find your service. Proper keyword research is important because without it you will be throwing money at low intent and low traffic keyword wasting your ad spend.

Choosing the right keywords is an ongoing battle of optimization and adjusting, what is working today may not tomorrow, but that doesn't mean there isn't a balance to find success. This space can be managed easily by splitting your keyword per ad group, this allows you to have separate offers for your separate services. When a potential customer is searching for a furnace quote you don't want your service call offering to be shown to them,that won't matter.

Separating your keywords per ad group allows you to zero in on offers per group as well as allows you to see more clearly what keywords are drawing customers for what service and which ones aren't.


KPIs, or Key Performance Indicators are necessary metrics to track to understand how to vertically scale your campaigns. CPC or your cost per clicks the average amount of money spent to achieve a click onto your ad CPL is your cost per lead and most importantly your Revenue and ROI,

There are many more Key performance indicators that we track to make sure our campaigns are profitable; however, monitoring these three allows you to generate more predictable results for your campaign. If you can see where you need to improve on your campaigns in real time, optimizing them to find the cheapest and most qualified leads becomes easier. Knowing your KPIs is an irreplaceable step in your campaigns, without them there's no telling what is working, what's not working, how you can scale and where you need to scale for your ads. Key performance indicators are the most valuable pieces of data in your adwords campaign, don't forget to use them.

Our understanding of HVAC Lead generation at Canali Marketing allows us to create helpful content like this to share with you. If a google campaign with proper structure and management is something your looking for or if you have any questions at all email us at we would love to meet you.

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